Warranty / Repairs


Sooner or later a wire might come loose or a part will break. Someone might feed too much voltage to a pedal or just treat it badly.

If a Pedal Projects pedal isn't working, don't hesitate to contact me and tell me about the problem. On the contact page you'll find the shipping address to get it to me for repair.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before contacting:

  • Double, nay.. triple check that it's not working.
  • No power? Make sure your power supply is working correctly. Also, borrow another one from a friend to be sure.
  • No guitar signal? Check your instrument cables and test other ones also.
  • Is something intermittent? Does the signal / power cut off when moving a cable? Let me know when contacting me.

If a pedal stops working for normal reasons, I'll fix it for free but if it shows obvious signs of abuse, I will charge the owner the parts fee as well as labour.

Important information!

When you ship a pedal for repair, make sure to label the package very clearly that it contains a broken guitar effect that needs repair. If you have to put a value on the box, put something low, between $5-20. This prevents me from having to pay customs once it arrives.

If you fail to do this and I get charged customs, I will charge you that cost before I ship it back to you.