Mythical drive


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Mythical overdrive

The Klone is a faithful recreation of the original sought after pedal. I've added a relay soft switching with the option of choosing buffered or true bypass inside the enclosure via a little switch.

This pedal serves as a great booster when you keep the gain knob down and turn up the volume. When you turn up the gain knob, you'll hear a slight rolloff on the low end and the mids get emphasised a bit for a great drive tone.

Use the treble control to tame or even add brightness to your guitar tone.


Ultimate drive pedal


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Ultimate overdrive

The Lionheart is classified as a higher gain distortion but it's easily capable of lower gain tones as well.

It's designed to work with every and any amp at any setting. Want low gain crunch on a clean channel? Easy, turn down the ROAR (gain) knob and adjust the BITE (tilt) and PREY (tone) to taste. 

Want to push a driven amp? Turn up the HEART (volume) and set amount of ROAR to taste.

The BITE knob is a tilt-eq where you adjust bass and treble simultaneously when turning the knob. One end has more bass and less treble while the opposite end has less bass and more treble. The PREY knob is a passive tone control at the end of the circuit where you can tame the high end if needed.



Overdrive + boost


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Flexible overdrive

The Growly is a dual pedal featuring a low-gain MOSFET overdrive circuit and a high output MOSFET boost circuit.

The drive side serves great as a first stage overdrive but it can also boost a crunchy amp in several different ways. Using the "body" and "comp" knobs, you have lots of options to sculpt a great tone.

Use the boost side either before or after the drive for even more options.

TIP: set the boost before the drive, with lots of output and you get a unique fuzz tone!


Boost with character


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Boost with options

The Owly (v.2) is a simple but powerful boost pedal. It features a low cut and a high cut knob which help shaping the tone going into the amp or pedal you're boosting.

This is a true bypass pedal with relay soft switching. Turn up the low-cut knob to decrease low frequencies. Turn down the high-cut knob to decrease high frequencies.

TIP: Use the low-cut control to set the fatness of your guitar tone. You can get sharp and aggressive tones or thick and fuzzy tones depending on the setting.


Reverb with less common features.


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Reverb with FX-Insert

The Marbleverb (v.3) is a reverb that has an FX-insert. What's that? It's not an fx-loop like some people think. It is an insert point where you can have any external pedal affect the reverb signal only. Want to distort the reverb? No problem! Make the reverb modulate with a lush chorus or just do whatever you can think of!

This pedal is buffered so when you switch it off, the reverb tail will carry on. 

Separate dry and wet control gives you lots of options to dial in the reverb amount. You can even mute the guitar signal and only listen to the reverb signal.